The Loops capsule

The Loops capsule

Mark your difference with the customizable capsule condoms.

LOOPS are customizable round capsules containing quality condom.

The idea of personalization brings in some advantages to use our unique product :

  • Promote a brand or a company
  • Communicate on a topic or an event
  • Boosting condom image
  • Advertising

Many benefits of LOOPS capsule :

  • Its hull semi-rigid plastic, sealed by a cap, do not deform the condom and can easily be transported in a hnadbad or in the pocket
  • Its round shape shell respects condom
  • The user manual, batch number and expiration date are printed on the back of the capsule LOOPS (available in several languages)
  • The opening by peeling the lid protects the condom from damage
  • The tank is always presented upwardsin the right way of using
  • To make it use more pleasant, each LOOPS capsules are coated with a silicone based lubricant

Finally, LOOPS condoms are all conform to the standard EN ISO 4074: 2002 and bearing the CE0120 marking. We have all the certificates, test reports for each batch to offer you high quality products.

We start customizing the LOOPS capsule from 100 pieces.